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Automated brafitting solutions powered by machine learning

Your customers can say goodbye to ill-fitting bras, thanks to our bra size and bra shape recommendations.

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How can automated brafitting support my business?


Benefits for online retailers and brand

  • Reduces returns 

  • Increases conversions

  • Data-driven insights for product development


Benefits in-store

  • Hybrid and innovative shopping experience

  • Increase sales

  • Get access to new customer groups


Benefits for your customers

  • Personalized shopping experience

  • No more ill-fitting bras

  • Increase consumers trust


(average) Conversionrate increase

up to


Return rate decrease


Net Promoter Score

Did you know that up to 80% of womxn wear an ill-fitting bra?

With more than 100 bra sizes and various different bra shapes, it's a nightmare to find a well-fitting bra. To make things even more complicated, almost every brand has their own approach to sizing, and bra sizes vary widely amongst brands and even different bra models within the same brand.


It's not surprising, that 70% of the thousands of womxn we interviewed, told us:

“I hate bra shopping.”

We're talking about a product, that more than 90% of womxn wear on a daily basis. 

And because it's so difficult to find a bra that is truly comfortable, up to 75% of online ordered bras are returned, wasting precious resources and annoying customers. The untapped potential within this segment is huge!

How about we make bra shopping fun and exciting?

We use machine-learning powered technology to help customers find a bra that really fits - in store and online!

  • Who can benefit from Brajuu's services?
    You sell bras online or in a store? Great, get in touch and we can discuss how you can benefit best from our brafitting solutions.
  • How can automated brafitting help my company?
    Our brafitting solutions can help to boost sales, improve your customer service and reduce costs. We have been seeing an increase in conversion rate and average order value for online shops. Equally, return rates for bras decrease, as your customers know which size and model they should order for an optimal fit. Physical stores can extend their customer service through our solutions, without hiring more people or training existing staff members in brafitting. Additionally, it gives you access to younger customers, who value a hybrid shopping experience and do not like to be advised by a shop assistant for an intimate product.
  • How has the technology been developed and tested?
    We're running our own online lingerie shop and so we are basically our first customer. Have a look at to see it in action. The shop is based on Shopify, fully functional and has served 1,000+ customers. We have data on more than 100,000 users. Before testing our technology in our own online shop, we tested the technology with hundreds of womxn.
  • Why does Brajuu run a lingerie marketplace?
    To provide our (future) B2B customers with the best brafitting solutions, we started our own lingerie online marketplace. We tested and improved our solutions with more than 100.000 users and are now ready to take your shop/your business to the next level. Have a look at to see the technology in action. The shop is based on Shopify, fully functional and has served 1.000+ customers.
  • How much does it cost?
    We have different pricing options, depending on your needs and the scale of your business. You can start to integrate Brajuu's services from as little as 50,00 EUR/month.
  • Can you provide additional insights about our customers?
    Yes, of course! Did you ever wonder how you can optimise your size range? Do you actually know what kind of brafitting challenges your customers have? What are your customer's favorite lingerie brands? Depending on your package, we will provide detailed insights into your customers behaviour and their brafitting needs.

Get in touch!

Brajuu GmbH

Hafenweg 16

48155 Münster, Germany 

+49 251 59688734

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