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Automated brafitting solutions powered by machine learning

Your customers can say goodbye to ill-fitting bras, thanks to our bra size and bra shape recommendations.

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How can automated brafitting support my business?


Benefits for online retailers and brand

  • Reduces returns 

  • Increases conversions

  • Data-driven insights for product development


Benefits in-store

  • Hybrid and innovative shopping experience

  • Increase sales

  • Get access to new customer groups


Benefits for your customers

  • Personalized shopping experience

  • No more ill-fitting bras

  • Increase consumers trust


(average) Conversionrate increase

up to


Return rate decrease


Net Promoter Score

Did you know that up to 80% of womxn wear an ill-fitting bra?

With more than 100 bra sizes and various different bra shapes, it's a nightmare to find a well-fitting bra. To make things even more complicated, almost every brand has their own approach to sizing, and bra sizes vary widely amongst brands and even different bra models within the same brand.


It's not surprising, that 70% of the thousands of womxn we interviewed, told us:

“I hate bra shopping.”

We're talking about a product, that more than 90% of womxn wear on a daily basis. 

And because it's so difficult to find a bra that is truly comfortable, up to 75% of online ordered bras are returned, wasting precious resources and annoying customers. The untapped potential within this segment is huge!

How about we make bra shopping fun and exciting?

We use machine-learning powered technology to help customers find a bra that really fits - in store and online!

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