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Get more people into your store.
Offer high-end brafitting advice, without hiring more staff.
Provide an innovative and new solution to your customers.


Level up your
customer's shopping experience.

Brajuu helps you to extend your bra consultation with new digital bra fitting solutions during the whole stay in store.

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What does your brafitting solution actually do?

Depending on the package that you choose, we can help your customers to find 

  • the right bra size

  • the right bra shape or

  • the perfect bra match for every particular customer within your product portfolio.

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Brafitting advice in the changing room

Additionally, we're offering an automated brafitting consulting solution for your dressing room. This makes it easier for your customers to decide if a bra really fits them, how to adjust the bra and wether they should try another size/model.

This hybrid shopping experience connects the best of both worlds: in store shopping with a digital touch.

Highly personalised, scalable and innovative.

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